What are the tablet controls?

Tablet controls are as follows:


Basic controls:

  • Pressing your RELOAD key will toggle between cursor on and off modes.
  • In CURSOR ON mode you can:
    • Left click to use the buttons on the tablet.
  • In CURSOR OFF mode you can:
    • Clicking PRIMARY FIRE on a player to invite them to your squad link.
    • Clicking PRIMARY FIRE while not aiming at a player will bring up the proximity invite menu.
    • Click SECONDARY FIRE on a player to set a formation onto the player without their consent or joining your squad link. Useful for designating a VIP or prisoner.
    • Click SECONDARY FIRE while not aiming at a player to toggle between player and world formations. World formation remain static in the world.
    • Clicking and holding SECONDARY FIRE will allow you to rotate the world formation. Releasing right click will freeze the formation.


General Tab:

  • You can click a player's name to select them.
  • While having a player selected you can:
    • Kick them using the KICK PLAYER button.
    • Assign the primary position to them using the ASSIGN COMMANDER button.
  • The DISBAND SQUAD button will dissolve your squad link and immediately form a new one with only the table holder in it.
  • The TOGGLE WORLD DISPLAY button will toggle between the formation being visible or not.
  • FORCE QUADRANT function:
    • This button while appears green initially is actually inactive.
    • Clicking it once will toggle it off and clicking it again will toggle it on.
    • While active a forced quadrant formation will not rotate with the player.
  • The QUADRANT (1,2,3,4) button will cycle the formation into one of the four rotations. Only works is FORCE QUADRANT is enabled.


Preset Formations Tab:

  • Using the arrow keys will cycle through the preset formation on the server.
  • Clicking the SET AS ACTIVE will set the currant formation to active.


Custom Formation Tab:

  • In this mode you will be working in a grid.
    • BLUE squares represent empty space.
    • The ORANGE square is where you are currently hovering.
    • Clicking a BLUE square will turn it into a generic position (GREY).
    • Clicking a GREY square will turn it into a primary position (RED).
    • Clicking a GREY square will turn it into empty space (BLUE) if a primary position (RED) already exists.
    • Clicking a RED square will turn it into empty space (BLUE).
  • Clicking the SET AS ACTIVE button will make the custom formation active. If you make any changes you will need to click this again.
  • Clicking the FIXED button will prevent the formation from rotation. This works the same as FORCE QUADRANT.


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