Hark, to arms!

An all inclusive warfare system spanning swords to catapults and blending elements from For Honor and Mordhau. This uses extremely skill based combat, so be warned! Please make a ticket if you are interested
  • Crusader Package

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    • Animation Based Combat! Every move your character makes reflects your strength and hitbox.
      Think For Honor.

    • Physical Presence! No more invisible traces. What you see, is what it hits. Shields with arrows stuck in them, or even swords swinging props away.

    • Intuitive combat blending fighting games with modern sword fighting. Heavy attacks, light attacks, crouch stances and standing too!

    • Stance based blocking, with built in stamina system

    • Advanced Parrying and Clashing! Sword on sword, shield on sword, time your attacks to block theirs!

    • Weapon and infliction types for pikes, swords, hammers, and more, each with their own parrying strength

    • Works with ANY model. No rigging required, and easy tuning thanks to the offset system!

    • Wield whatever you choose. Sword and shield? Mace and axe? No problem

    • Create your own combat forms and weapons with our intuitive base!