wiltOS Technologies - Advanced Lightsaber Combat System Packages


Price - $50.00 USD

  • A custom animation framework that syncs with server and client for improved hitbox detection and prediction.
  • Support for all wiltOS animation extensions and comes pre-installed with Blade Symphony support.
  • 3 Forms, each with 1 heavy attack, 3 aerial attacks, and 3 stances, with 3 directional attacks per stance making for a total of 39 unique attacks.
  • Block attacks and deflect bullets where you aim, with angular calculations to ensure you are only blocking where you can.
  • Dual Wielded Lightsaber support with individual blade and hilt customization.
  • Optional Stamina System for more immersive combat.
  • Optional hilt restriction by usergroup and team/DarkRP job.
  • Reactive Animations to blocking and landing hits.
  • A handful of new force abilities ( Group Heal, Cloaking, Charge, Shadow Strike, Meditation, Storm, Lightning Strike, Force Push, Force Pull, Saber Throw, Rage, Force Reflect )
  • Force VGUI Icons taken straight from SWTOR
  • Force Power selection menu with support for more than 11 force abilities.
  • Modular base so you can create your own lightsabers and customize just about every property you can think of in an easy to understand format.
  • Hilt-on-belt support for more than 1 lightsaber.
  • Basic Lightsaber Crafting Bench for more immersive customization.

Price - $80.00 USD

  • Everything from the previous package!
  • First person combat for a completely immersed experience.
  • New single wield lightsaber form: Versatile. Centered around staffsaber users.
  • New Devestator System: Super powerful force abilities that require focusing your inner energy.
  • Three new devestators: Kyber Slam, Sonic Discharge, and Lightning Coil
  • Parrying and counter attack system by timing your own attacks.
  • Charge system for heavy attacks to deal more damage and break parries.
  • New Force Power: Channel Hatred ( Sith Meditation )
  • Updated reactive animation system for each limb being attacked.
  • New form creation system allowing you to make your own attack forms and stances.
  • Minimalism mode for high capacity servers.
  • New configuration options allowing you to further customize your player's experience.

Price - $130.00 USD

  • Everything from the previous packages!
  • One time purchase for life time support.
  • Current update is the Calm of Fate:
    • New Skill Tree System: Create your own skill trees and master the blade.
    • Pre-installed with three skill trees and an easy to understand template for creating your own skill trees..
    • Combat Leveling system to earn your way through the ranks.
    • New Crafting System: Collect items, create your perfect lightsaber and upgrade it.
    • Inventory system pre-installed with sleek interface and MySQL support.
    • Proficiency system to level up your lightsaber and unlock attachment slots.
  • Upgrading
    • From Padawan to Sentinel means you only pay $80 USD
    • From Warrior to Sentinel means you only pay $50 USD
      • All of this after you have actually bought the padawan package or the warrior packages
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