Force Powers

Defaults Force Powers of ALCS

Name Description
Force Leap Jump longer and higher. Aim higher to jump higher/further.
Charge Lunge at your enemy
Force Absorb Hold Mouse 2 to protect yourself from harm
Saber Throw Throws your lightsaber. It will return to you.
Force Heal Heals your target.
Group Heal Heals all around you.
Cloak Shrowd yourself with the force for 10 seconds
Force Reflect An eye for an eye
Rage Unleash your anger
Shadow Strike From the darkness it preys
Force Pull Get over here!
Force Push They are no harm at a distance
Lightning Strike A focused charge of lightning
Advanced Cloak Shrowd yourself with the force for 25 seconds
Force Lightning Torture people ( and monsters ) at will.
Force Combust Ignite stuff infront of you.
Force Repulse Hold to charge for greater distance/damage. Push back everything near you.
Storm Charge for 2 seconds, unleash a storm on your enemies
Meditate Relax yourself and channel your energy
Channel Hatred I can feel your anger


Dark Ascension Pack Force Powers 

Name Description
Overdrive Beam Release your focused energy
Lightning Stream An endless stream of lightning
Burn Out Fire and flames engulf your victim
Vitriolic Discharge Release their inner poisons onto them
Crippling Slam Earth shattering slams immobilize those in your path
Blood Sacrifice Focus your inner energy through blood
Energetic Shell Convert their negativity into your power
Diamond Storm Turn the air around you into shards of destruction
Attract Let the world attack your enemy


Icefuse Pack Force Powers 

Name Description
Force Blind Make your escape or final blow.
Adrenaline Be quick to the draw
Force Slow Cloud your victim's mind
Force Stasis Let their fear stop them
Group Pull Get over here!
Group Push They are no harm at a distance
Group Lightning Send a jolt to wake up groups of victims.
Electric Judgement The truth can blind us all.
Force Whirlwind That which you harness is all around you
Force Breach Make a path
Teleport Phase through to a new location.
Destruction Hold to unleash true power on your enemies
Force Choke I find your lack of faith disturbing
Group Choke Choke them all
Saber Barrier The ultimate defense.
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