Creating Accolades

To create your own accolades, you must create a MEDAL REGISTER file in the following directory


If you do not want to create your own file, you may add to the existing file


Your medal register will be of the following format


Name = "NAME",

Description = "DESCRIPTION",

Model = "MODEL PATH",

OffsetAngle = Angle( P, Y, R ),


An explanation of each entry in the register can be found below

Name : The name of the medal. This is a STRING ( Requires quotations around it )

Description : The description of the medal when being selected in the admin menu. This is a STRING ( Requires quotations around it )

Model : The directory of the model you would like to use for the medal. This is a STRING ( Requires quotations around it )

OffsetAngle : The angular offset the model will have when being placed on a player model. This is an ANGLE ( Requires pitch, yaw, and roll in angular-vector format )

Finally, an example of a completed MEDAL REGISTER can be found below


Name = "wiltOS Community Badge",

Description = "A commemorative medal celebrating the wiltOS loyal community",

Model = "models/wos/lct/badges/plaque/woscom.mdl",

OffsetAngle = Angle( 180, -90, 180 ),


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