What is your clearance level?

A collection of systems designed to enhance the SCP experience by giving roleplaying control to the player
Keycard System

  • Lock buttons and doors to certain clearance levels.

  • Keycard Scanner that works with any entity!

  • Doors and levels persist after server restarts.

  • Custom view model with swiping animations as well as sound effects.

  • Quick and easy configuration tool.

  • Easily create your own Keycard levels.

  • Supports any gamemode.

Blinking System

  • Players have to close their eyes periodically.

  • Automatic or manual blinking.

  • Icon, Fade, and Hybrid modes included!

  • Keep your eyes open for too long and it'll start getting blurry (Manual Mode Only )

  • Simple functions to detect whether a player is blinking.

  • Whitelistable by DarkRP Job and Usergroups.


  • Become the haunting SCP!

  • Frozen while being looked at.

  • Ambush mode allows you to plan movements in advance.

  • Manual mode moves at high speeds while undetected.

Level 1 Clearance Ціна $25.00 USD Один раз Замовити зараз
Coming Soon
Level 2 Clearance Ціна $50.00 USD Один раз Немає в наявності
Coming Soon
Level 3 Clearance Ціна $80.00 USD Один раз Немає в наявності