Reclaim a Product

If you have previously purchased a product, service, or subscription prior to website launch date and require to sync ownership, please create a ticket to our Support Requests Department with the following information:

Product Requested: The name of the product/service/subscription you have purchased
Download Link: The old download link you were given when the purchase was complete
Purchase Domain: Where did you purchase the addon and from who? Please be as descriptive as possible
Payment Domain: How did you transfer funds? Paypal Balance? Credit Card?
Payment Screenshot: A screenshot of the paypal transaction.
Special Additions: Any special additions you have asked during purchase that may have been fulfilled

In addition to the above information you will be expected to obtain and attach two minimum tokens of proof. Tokens of proof must have the name, amount, and any other transaction details visible. Tokens of proof include paypal transaction details, credit card payment dates, and chat logs. Attachments must be screenshots with some form of timestamp.

Feel free to include any additional information to your case. The more evidence is supplied, the quicker we can validate the information.

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