Now with more flair!

Create unique experiences with intricate systems that you can tailor to your server's needs

Passive Event System

The Passive Event System allows you to create entire multi-layered events or simulations without ever having to touch a line of code, fully automated. The modular NODAL system allows you to link complex logic and triggers to the extent you were making a map, all self contained within the event. Schedule events for date and time, trigger them manually, or have them randomly start. Combat Simulation System integrated!

  • Please see our main product page for specific details
Renegade Squad System

As seen on Project Renegade, the most comprehensive military experience that can stand against any framework. Allow players to be the master of their domain with the ability to create their own squadron and build it from the ground up.

  • Certification System allowing you to restrict weapons, vehicles, allegiances, roles, entities, and more to certifications! Completely modular

  • Role System with soldier progression, allowing players to customize their role with loadouts, appearances, and operators.

  • Hero System and True Hero System allow roles to exist once per squad or once per server for rare characters

  • Allegiance System allowing role specialties, unique appearances, unlocks, and more for squads!

  • Squad System with internal progression. Start from a low level fireteam to become a full fledged battalion! Purchase slots, new roles for your squad mates, pledge allegiance for bonuses, and even level up upgrades using your squad bank!

  • Entirely player driven! Plant the seed and have players train others for certifications, create squads for progress, assign bonuses with allegiances, anything you set them to do!

  • Customizable to your server. Military RP? Star Wars RP? Halo RP? You can use it in all!

  • Works with literally ANY gamemode. Built in support for DarkRP, Helix, and Nutscript

  • Built with our Modular Character System in mind, but expandable to other systems as well with a single hook!

    Advanced Weapon Crafting System

    A weapon crafting system similar to our iconic lightsaber crafting system, but with support for any weapon base. Features include a modular inventory system, the ability to have more than one of the same type of weapon, and the ability to quickly create custom attributes for your items to use on top of all the features we're already known for in our lightsaber crafting system.

    Modular Character System

    A fully independent and cinematic character system allowing full customize almost every aspect of the character as well as providing an immersive camera introduction with all customization happening in the 3D world.

  • Fully indepdendant! Works on DarkRP, Sandbox, Nutscript, even TTT if you need it.

  • Fully 3D Cinematic System included, allowing you to make fly-by shots or create scenes with actors.

  • Data Mount framework lets you add support for any addon with two simple functions. Not sure how? We'll help!

  • Minimalistic design with instant feedback, getting people into the game quickly

  • Full scope data control, letting you choose what saves per-character. Global leveling system and pointshop rewards? No problem.

  • MySQL and local data saving support for single or cross server usage.

  • Easily customizable, with the ability to link characters to jobs or create your own roles with loadouts and special functions. User group restriction? SteamID? All available.

  • Powerful cinematic tool let's you work alone or with your staff to sell what your server has to offer.

    Unified Formation System

    A sleek and dynamic command system allowing officers to display locations and positions for different formations in the 3D world. Comes with a 3D2D formation board for training and a built in quiz mode. Simple formation format allows for quick creation of new formations.

  • Allows players to display locations and positions for different formations in the 3D world with a modular command tablet!

  • Use pre-set formations such as Line, Box, or Tight Wedge with the tablet, or just make your own on the fly with the custom formation mode!

  • Intelligent control over where the formations appear! Around the squad leader? Around a VIP? Behind cover? All a right click away!

  • Squad-Link system allows you to coordinate with other players easily through the command tablet, and receive vital information including their health!

  • Sleek 3D2D Formation Display Boards for training and quizzing your troops on formations, all without the need of an admin or officer.

  • The easy to use formation format allows you to expand on the pre-set formations, and even create your own quiz questions!

  • Fantastic fit for Clone Wars RP, Military RP or any other military based roleplay.

    Dynamic Shooting Range

    A completely automated shooting range that keeps things interesting with a multitude of game types utilizing a random target location within its bounds.

  • Fully automated! Players can walk up to a console and start playing their favorite game type without any admin intervention!

  • Modular and scalable with multiple difficulties for that extra challenge and a bunch of configurable options.

  • Leaderboard systems utilizing both local saving and MySQL saving. Sort by game type and difficulty, or practice without penalty!

  • Developer friendly! Create your own game types with an easy to use mounting system. Supports any targe entity and all logic is contained!

  • Easy to prepare tool that allows you to modify position, angle, size, available gametypes, and more!

  • Four Game Types! Holo Horde, Drone Strike, Time Attack, and Time Trial

    Visual Accolade System

    A creative and inviting solution to rewarding regular members through a physical accolade that appears directly on the person. Supports any model, and provides an simple but appealing interface for people to select what they want to display and fine tune any issues.

  • Endless possibilities! Will you use it for pinning ribbons on your soldiers? Want to give event participants a rare badge? What about police officers? It's all up to you!

  • Easy to create new medals with a simple configuration. All you need to know is the model!

  • A simple user interface for players to scroll through, preview, and even adjust their current medals.

  • Restrict any way you want, whether that be usergroups or Steam ID.

  • In-game commands to award players directly.

  • Local data saving and MySQL support!