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Anything that would help out server owners, or developers

Crafting 8

Anything involving config with the crafting system

DLL Setup Information 1

Things pertaining to setting up the wos_crypt DLL files so the addon can load

Errors 10

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Lightsabers 22

Anything involving config with lightsabers, force menu visuals, or forcepowers

Skills 8

Anything involving config with the skill system, trees, leveling, etc



wOS ALCS Controls   Changing Stance To change stance, hold down your USE key and press PRIMARY...

 Force Powers

Defaults Force Powers of ALCS Name Description Force Leap Jump longer and...

 Hook Manifest

Hook Name: wOS.ALCS.GetSequenceOverride Type: SHARED Function: Overwrites sequence being played...

 How To Disable The WiltOS Chat Advertisement

How to disable the wOS chat advert Navigate to lua/wos/advswl/config/general/sh_serverwos.lua...

 Installation and Configuration

Section One: Preparing Your ServerBefore you begin installing the addon you will need to prepare...

 New DRM Info

Installing DLLs for DRM How to install the dlls This information is crucial to your experience...

 New Wiki!

Checkout the New Wiki for Up To Date articles!https://wiki.wiltostech.com/3/ALCS


wiltOS Technologies - Advanced Lightsaber Combat System PackagesPadawanPrice - $50.00 USD A...

 Required Content

Please mount all the addons in this collection on your server:...